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About Us

Colchester Sheds And Fencing


Quality Without Compromise                                                                                        


Here at Colchester sheds our Garden buildings are produced to the highest standards using quality timbers from

sustainable sources. Timber sizes detailed are the actual sizes after the timber has

been planned and profiled.

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Normally the walls of all garden buildings will be Manufactured using Pine tongue and

groove (T&G) Ship lap pattern boarding 12 x 120mm. T&G Pine Log pattern 19 x 93mm is another

option you may wish to consider.

In all choices of wall timber Pine framework will be used (which varies in thickness

dependent upon building ‘range’). Pine T&G boarding 12 x 120mm is used to produce

roofs and floors unless otherwise stated.

All Details Considered

Colchester Sheds are proud of our garden buildings and have endeavored to consider all details in their

design using quality fixtures and fittings – all exterior fittings are treated against rust

and felt is green mineral with a 10 meter roll weighing 20 kilos. Fascia, finishing

timbers, assembly instructions, hardware and glass are supplied to enable assembly

of the garden building.

Colchester sheds garden buildings are pre-treated (unless

otherwise specified) using a high quality anti-fungicide wood protection primer, our

buildings are also available pressure – treated, which is the best long-term

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protection available.



Colchester sheds imaginative designs are unique and inspirational to meet the aspirations of our customers.

Pine Log cabins, Specials can be designed by our team to meet your specific requirements, home

offices, leisure buildings, swimming pool enclosures, shops, cafeterias.

Our CAD operators are highly skilled and can work with you to design a building to meet with

your requirement.



Comprehensive accurate and easy to follow assembly instructions are supplied with detail

showing where each component fits. All log components are individually coded to correspond

with the codes and detail shown on the assembly instructions.


We produce some sheds and summerhouse in our yard, We also purchase in from other companies ie: log cabins, summer houses and larger sheds / workshops.

It is always advisable too give us a call to understand what you are about to purchase, regarding the quallity of the timber used.



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Colchester sheds buildings are supplied unless stated otherwise with green roofing felt ,standard glass and all fixtures

necessary to complete assembly.

Floor joists are supplied properly pressure treated through our in house facilities.

Timber sizes stated are the actual size of the

timber after planing and machining.

In the 34, 44 & 70mm ranges footprint internal dimensions are for 44mm buildings. To convert

internal dimensions from 44mm to 34mm add on 10mm, to convert 44mm to 70mm take off 26mm.

To convert external dimensions to internal dimensions please use the following conversions:

28mm minus 250mm, 34mm minus 260mm, 44mm minus 280mm, 70mm minus 330mm.

Sizes stated are approximate. When choosing a location for your Pine Lodge allowance should be

made for roof overhangs. It is absolutely essential that the base for the building is level, assembly on an

uneven base will negate any claim.

Unless otherwise stated Window Boxes, Roof Tiles, Toughened Glass are all optional extras.