Drummond Log Cabin 15ft x 15ft



Picture shows 4640mmG x 4640mm
● Optional felt tiles
● Optional toughened glass
● Top hinged windows
● Optional 14 mm overall double glazing
● Eaves height 2.1m ridge height 2.8m
● Pressure treated floor bearers
● Wooden tongue & groove roof and floor
● Separate room
● All external windows and doors fitted with
draught seal system

Comprehensive accurate and easy to follow assembly instructions are supplied with detail
showing where each component fits. All log components are individually coded to correspond
with the codes and detail shown on the assembly instructions.
Buildings are supplied unless stated otherwise with green roofing felt ,standard glass and all fixtures
necessary to complete assembly.
Floor joists are supplied properly pressure treated through our in house facilities.
Timber sizes stated are the actual size of the timber after planing and machining.
In the 34, 44 & 70mm ranges footprint internal dimensions are for 44mm buildings. To convert internal dimensions from 44mm to 34mm add on 10mm, to convert 44mm to 70mm take off 26mm.
To convert external dimensions to internal dimensions please use the following conversions: 28mm minus 250mm, 34mm minus 260mm, 44mm
minus 280mm, 70mm minus 330mm.
Sizes stated are approximate. When choosing a location for your Pine Lodge allowance should be made for roof overhangs. It is absolutely essential
that the base for the building is level, assembly on an uneven base will negate any claim.
Unless otherwise stated Window Boxes, Roof Tiles,
Toughened Glass are all optional extras that may be available please consult price list.

Your Colchester sheds and fencing building will be made to metric measurements.

Imperial measurements are for guidance only.


Additional information

Weight 1004 kg